Monday, May 22, 2006


When we are asked, whether as a male shed or a female shed, why we are life models, the answer can vary from reasons to do with money, convenience, personal study or any other logical reason. Cast-off Drama in Leeds have investigated the question of why some women will disrobe, and some women won't. Closely linked to voyeurism (below) is exhibitionism. Are life models exhibitionists? Do they have a need to undress in public apart from a monetary one? Is getting undressed in a small shed or beach-hut exposing more than skin and bone? Click on the link above to find out what Psychnet-uk say about exhibitionists, over and above a basic definition below;

Many mild and considered acceptable forms of exhibitionism are considered normal in our culture. Children often have a natural curiosity about their genitals and the genitals of others. Young children may like to try to shock adults or other children by showing their genitals or underwear. This is typically a passing phase and only calls for professional treatment if it persists. Similarly, adolescents have been expressing disapproval through "mooning" for years. Wearing suggestive clothing or strip teasing for a significant other are common activities.


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