Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rules of Life Drawing / Codes of Conduct

Are there any unwritten rules/codes of conduct that apply to a life drawing session?

This question was posed to both artists and ourselves throughout the event but it wasn't until the Roundhouse session that we began to get some clear answers. Up until that point the artists had offered responses that indicated there was no rules or the answer was avoided. Whether that was due to the way we worded the question or whether it was that the artists in the Roundhouse were just more willing to respond i uncertain. However, the following answers do touch on some interstingpoints.

One of artists said she wouldn't normally shake my foot as it poked through the paper. It was only because of her familiarity with me that made her feel it would be ok to do so. The 'normal' rules of life drawing were clearly defined by another artist in the session:
1 Don't touch the model
2 Don't talk about the model's appearance
3 Teacher directs the session NOT the model
4 No talking
5 No flirting or acknowledgement of the attractiveness of the model.

The link relates to Pete Panse, an teacher in the US who has been suspended for recommending that his high school students attend life drawing classes. Apparently he's broken the rules. The website also contains a petition to get him reinstated.


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