Friday, May 12, 2006

2 The Greenhouse Experience

The Greenhouse event was the second of our four events and took place in the beautiful garden of two artists, Vera and Peter. It was a really warm and sunny day, at times extremely hot in the greenhouse causing us models to drip with perspiration! Did that bother us? How did this experience differ to the previous day?

Questions from Male Model to Female Model

Q: Did you feel enclosed in the greenhouse?
A: No. Obviously it was glass so I could see out. The frame around me didn't make me feel hemmed in. Moreover, I felt 'safe'. I could see out yet no one else was in there with me. The only time I felt more insecure was when you were modelling in the greenhouse too. Somehow my space had been thwarted so I curled up on the chair and faced away.

Q: Did you feel the greenhouse was your space?
A: .Yes completely. The structure provided a boundary. This is my space. That is yours.

Q: Did you feel naked in the greenhouse? If you did this session again, do you feel the situation would be any different with the door shut?
A: I felt naked because I was naked. I think if the door was shut, I would have felt hotter and more uncomfortable. Also, I would have felt cut off from the artists so wouldn't have liked that as much.

Q: Did you feel artists viewing any differently than a normal life drawing session?
A: Not especially. At one point, however, I noticed Geoff sitting hidden in the grass. I was almost unaware of him until that point and felt like I'd been sneeked up on.

Q: Did you feel any different in the greenhouse as apposed to the shed?
A: Yes the greenhouse was more fun because it involved all the artists. As a model I feel like a performer taking centre stage so more artists is better. However if there were so many artists that they stopped communicating with me and saw me more as the object to draw I wouldn't like that as much

Q: What etiquette is left when a model has her own space?
A: Not sure I understand the question

Q: Did you feel any differently about your body in the greenhouse as apposed to the close proximity of the hut?
A: Yes I felt like my body was less on show in the greenhouse. I was certainly aware of the close proximity of the beach hut.

Q: Did a joint pose make you feel any different, and if so, why?
A: Yes I didn't feel so comfortable. One of the artists suggested the idea so I didn't feel completely in control from the beginning. However, these observations are subtle nuances and didn't affect me strongly.

Q: Were you conscious of the photographer being there?
A: No, not in the greenhouse, not when I was modelling anyway.

Q: Were your poses different in the greenhouse as apposed to the shed?
A: Yes in the beach hut my poses were very conservative, i.e. resting on the chair and that was about it.

Questions from female model to male model;

Q: How was modeling in a greenhouse comparable/contrastable to modeling in a
beach hut as well as 'usual' modeling experiences?
A: I found the experience very similar to both the shed one and usual modeling experiences, mainly because communication was possible, as well as limited vision.

Q: It was very hot in the greenhouse. How did that affect your experience?
A: I didn’t feel the heat affected my experience at all.

Q: Were you aware of being in a different 'space' to the artists? Describe
A: Apart from a few comments of “isn’t it hot in there?”, not really.

Q: How did the 'garden' impact on your experience?
A: The garden was very much an oasis, and the modeling seemed to fit in perfectly with the surroundings, especially considering the sculptures dotted around.

Q: Did you feel freer/more constrained in this environment?
A: Definitely freer.

Q: Were you aware of any insects/smells/the soil in the greenhouse? How did
that affect your experience?
A: I was definitely aware of the occasional insect, as well as the soil, but this didn’t affect my experience at all.

Q: What was your relationship with the artist/ individually or collectively?
A: Very much a model posing.

Q: How involved with the 'drawing process' were you? Describe
A: I don’t feel as if I am involved in the drawing process at all. My decisions regarding style of pose and length of pose are a process allowing the drawing to take place, but not part of the drawing process itself.

Q: How did you undress/dress for the session? Did you observe any
implications/notice any comments of lack of them? How did you feel?
A: I undressed outside the greenhouse, with no apparent comments. I felt as if it was up to me to decide on my undressing routing, and felt as normal as in any other session.

Q: Has this encouraged/discouraged you to draw?
A: At present neither.

Q: Has this encouraged/discouraged you to curate further events? If so what?
A: I will curate further events, but only if there is a specific reason to do so, i.e. if funding is involved

Q: Has this encouraged/discouraged you to model?
A: The positive responses from the participants have been encouraging, but would not affect my decision to continue or discontinue modeling.

Q: How does the modeling and curation relate/not relate?
A: As the project is model led the models therefore act as curators.

Q: How did you experience Kevin, the photographer?
A: I was conscious of him for approximately 10 minutes, but then forgot he was there. As he was a prima-face part of the “art” establishment it was presumed that he would adhere to personal requests regarding observation and conduct.

Q: In your opinion how does one 'conduct' oneself during a life drawing
session? What are the unspoken rules/etiquette?
A: One behaves in a manner that would ordinarily be deemed to be acceptable to people attending the session as artists. This can vary according to the nature of the session, but any attending artists should be made aware of any changes before the session begins.

Q: Did you enjoy/not enjoy the experience? Explain
A: I found the experience very enjoyable, because of both the location and those attending, many of whom I have modeled for before.


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