Saturday, April 01, 2006

Quentin Crisp - Life Model

Quentin Crisp, actor and author is perhaps, along with Sean Connery one of the most famous life models of the 20th Century. Click on the link to read a number of memories such as these two mentioned below.

"He loved the human shape, his and that of his lovers’, and wanted to share this passion with the students of the nude figure. In every one of his portraits, he is uniquely himself, aesthetically charming and potent in a subtly androgynous way that defies categorization."

"He was our life-model one morning and seeing him posed, seated nonchalantly on the raised platform surrounded by easels, was an amazing experience. The flaming red hair, the blue eye shadow, and the long, painted fingernails were totally overwhelming. I had never met anyone like that before. And his quiet calmness and stillness were remarkable."


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